The NoCheck Group

NoCheck engages with many of the largest companies and financial institutions in America, specifically to assist in reducing processing expenses on financial products.

Aflac Partner of the Year
NoCheck was named Aflac's Outstanding Partner of the Year 2015 for Innovation and Technology.

Who We Are

NoCheck is widely recognized as one of the top industry leaders. We have built a business around what financial institutions don’t know. Regulatory changes, risk restrictions, credit issues, budget constraints, demographic shift and increased customer service demands are side effects of the current economic environment. NoCheck delivers tactical electronic solutions that can be implemented quickly and provide long term sustainable results with a minimum expense to our clients.

The majority of businesses we partner with process electronic transactions with a very high level of aptitude and substantial investments in hardware, network and internal human capital. Notwithstanding best efforts, our client engagements demonstrate that approximately only 3% of businesses achieve 100% profit efficiencies. Achieving the lowest processing expense requires more than negotiating the lowest rates - it requires detailed tactical expertise on all the fees involved.

What We Do

Since 1993 The NoCheck Group (NoCheck) processing systems' breakthrough technology has been offering a unique, innovative solution for organizations that are under increased pressure to constantly drive growth. Core products include:

  • Vendor Payments Tools
  • Electronic Enrollments
  • Direct Deposit Processing
  • Bill Payment Processing Services
  • Scanning and Imaging
  • Customer Service Call Centers

Our Mission is to provide the best products and services available with the highest level of customer service.

Our core business is electronic enrollments and payment processing. We strive to minimize the cost potential for our customers and partners by providing them with the most in-demand, competitive and comprehensive line of products and services.

Innovate, cut costs and find new revenues. Thanks to new technologies, there now exists an opportunity for large institutions to decrease fees and expenses, significantly broaden their market to heretofore unreachable clients, and at the same time significantly improve services offered to their mainstay retail customers.

NoCheck processes billions of dollars for its customers while never touching the funds. NoCheck assists their customers in processing the funds.

NoCheck was named Aflac's Outstanding Partner of the Year 2015 for Innovation and Technology.

one day pay Aflac and NoCheck teamed up to create a secure, user-friendly enrollment web portal for claims payment. NoCheck is proud to say our proprietary web application has enabled One Day PaySM to provide secure enrollment and data transmission, that in turn, enables Aflac to claim, “no one can process and pay faster than Aflac.”

Another important project goal was that the entire application experience be a single sign on solution for Aflac customers. For this highly sophisticated customer need, this solution provided high security for Aflac’s customer while remaining invisible to them. Every month we perform upgrades so the system is ever-improving.

One Day Pay has exceeded expected customer satisfaction goals. Contributing to the project’s success is NoCheck’ s ability to meet the 99.9% uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA) and our state-of-the-art firewalls, including intrusion detection and our new network infrastructure.

NoCheck places a high value on ethics and integrity and we are proud and honored to have earned a rewarding recognition from Aflac.

Get In Touch

NoCheck is continuously improving, adding new products and services, white labeling the system and branding it for numerous organizations. We would like to create a new partnership/relationship with you to take this concept to the next level.

To initiate a confidential engagement we highly recommend that you contact our staff to schedule a mutual exploratory conference call.

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